Cancellation Policy
Cancellation for a 1 room stay is 72 hrs in advance.
Cancellation for 2 or more rooms is 14 days prior to the date of your stay.
There is a $25.00 fee per room for late cancellations. 

Check In Time
2:00 PM - If your arrival will be after 6:00 PM please notify us to hold your room. We accept early arrivals and you are welcome after 11.00 AM if we can have your room available. Let us know what you need. We will certainly try to get you settled as early as we can.

Late Arrivals
If you are going to be here after 5 pm, you need to have a late arrival confirmation. This means that when you make your reservation, you need to let us know that you will be here within 1 hr of your chosen time for arrival, so we can get you checked in. Anytime after your choice of time, we will release your room and any confirmation of your stay will not be valid. We have gone to this policy because we have staff here that wait for 6 or 7 hrs for guests to check in. We hope you will respect our time with you.

Check Out Time
11:00 AM

Pets allowed at additional charge in specific rooms only. Call for details at (507) 467-2144.

Smoking Policy
All rooms are non-smoking. Smoking is permitted in outdoor spaces.

Payment Methods Accepted
Cash, Check, Visa, & Mastercard.